Luther on Vocation 10

luther on vocationIn The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and “Women’s Work,” Kathleen Norris shows the sacredness of the so-called mundane in as beautiful a prose as I’ve encountered.  Almost like that of Frederick Buechner.

In Luther on Vocation, Gustaf Wingren says Luther, too, had a related insight: “For him who heeds his vocation, sanctification is hidden in offensively ordinary [i.e., mundane] tasks.”

(And this is why, concludes Luther, it is wrongheaded to hold up the “monastic life” as superior to “drab and lowly tasks which seem less remarkable…”  Well, wrongheaded is my word.  Luther is harsher, using words like “evil” and “devil” to refer to the monastic life.  Not sure if I would have liked him had I known him personally.  🙂


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