Eye Opening

WWAM036When my wife and I had found out we were expecting our first child a few years ago, my parents said to me, “Now, you will all of a sudden begin to notice pregnant women wherever you go.”  And that turned out true!  Often we are so unaware of what’s going on around us until something triggers us to become aware of some aspect.  Once that happens, we can’t help but notice it.

I wonder if that’s what’s happening.  Just look at this list of recently published faith-work related items I’ve come across just today.

Is this a new trend, and am I a part of that trend?  Or has there always been this movement of faith and work and am I now becoming aware of it?

And thus grows and grows the list of books to read….  🙂


2 thoughts on “Eye Opening

    • Of course! I even have the banner on this blog! Now only if I can figure out how to have my posts show up as member posts on The High Calling….

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