Every Good Endeavor 6

imgresTim Keller in Every Good Endeavor observes that when God commanded Adam and Eve to “fill the earth,” God was commanding them not merely to procreate, but to create a civilization.  And when God commanded them to “subdue the earth,” God was calling them to stewardship — i.e., “God owns the world, but he has put it under our care to cultivate it.”

Therefore, work is “a way to serve God through creativity, particularly in the creation of culture.”  It is “rearranging the raw material of God’s creation in such a way that it helps the world in general.”

Working with our hands (e.g., farming, artisanal crafts or manufacturing) easily fits into that definition.  Tim Keller has more in mind, though: taking a “native human mind and teach[ing] it a subject,” “teach[ing] a couple how to resolve their relational disputes” and the like are all culture-making work.


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