Every Good Endeavor 7

imgresTim Keller in Every Good Endeavor describes Richard Muow urging an audience of bankers “to think of God as an investment banker.”  Muow said God “leveraged his resources to create a whole world of new life.  In the same way, what if you see a human need not being met, you see a talent or resource that can meet that need, and you then invest your resources — at your risk and cost — so that the need is met and the result is new jobs, new products, and better quality of life.”

I found this biblical framework Muow provides the bankers inspiring, in part because it speaks to my work fairly specifically.  I am not an investment banker, but I work with them all the time as a lawyer, representing them as they provide funds to major energy infrastructure projects around the world — e.g., a coal-fired power plant on a barge in Bangladesh or a photovoltaic solar project in California.

At the same time, I find it very challenging to make this new framework function practically in my own work.  I will explore these challenges in subsequent posts.


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