Luther on Vocation 11

luther on vocationAccording to Gustaf Wingren in Luther on Vocation, Luther viewed each man as a “fellow worker of God” as he fulfilled his vocations.  This idea, Wingren says, “grows up directly and simultaneously out of Luther’s belief in the bondage of the will before God.”

A serf is free…to move his hands and feet; the master does not decide their movements in detail.  But this freedom…the serf has to use in the service of his master.  That the slave is free to work only intensifies his bondage to his master.  Because this property of his, this slave, has the ability to move, the master can make much more effective use of him than of a lifeless being.  When the slave, using all the strength and understanding he has, does what he is commanded in field and meadow, he is his master’s “fellow worker.”


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