Luther on Vocation 12

luther on vocation“[S]elf-exalting ambition” that regards vocation as “a possibility for selfish power instead of for service” is “loveless,” an “offense against vocation,” and “pride” according to Luther in Luther on Vocation by Gustaf Wingren.  Yet this is so common that “[d]aily we experience how everybody tries to rise above his own level and strives for honor, power, wealth, art, comfortable living and for everything which is big and lofty.”

These are hard sayings.

Increasingly realizing I won’t achieve anything “big and lofty” in the eyes of men?  Sure.  Getting there.  Completely eschewing the pursuit of “honor, power and wealth”?  I want to grow to be that kind of man, but I am so far away from it that it is disheartening.  Not even seeking after “comfortable living”?

God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


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