Every Good Endeavor 11

imgresIn addition to being fruitless, under the curse, work can be pointless, according to Tim Keller in Every Good Endeavor.

One manifestation of this is how the current economy “locked countless [people] into low-paying service sector jobs that experience the…alienating disconnection from the fruits or products of their work.”  Likewise, “the size and the complexity of global corporations now makes it difficult for even high-ranking executives to understand what their labor is producing.”

What is the solution?

Keller says Qoheleth provides a hint in Ecclesiastes 4:5-6:

Fools fold their hands and ruin themselves.
Better one handful with tranquility
Than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.

There are two alternatives, Keller observes.

One is “two handfuls” of wealth that comes from “toil and chasing after the wind.”  The other is the “empty handful” of wealth that comes from the idleness of the fools who does not toil at all.  While “satisfaction in work in a fallen world is always a miraculous gift of God,” “we have a responsibility to pursue this gift through a particular balance.”

How do we attain such balance?

Start by “recognizing and renouncing our tendency to make idols of money and power.”  Then put “relationships in their proper place.”  Finally, pursue “something that is beyond the scope of Ecclesiastes to identify” — Jesus Christ — for “without the gospel of Jesus, we will have to toil not for the joy of serving others, nor the satisfaction of a job well done, but to make a name for ourselves.”


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