Every Good Endeavor 14

imgresThe gospel gives us a new worldview, Tim Keller says, an “embedded narrative” that helps us make sense of the world in Every Good Endeavor.  Specifically, the Christian worldview affirms that “the whole world is good,” “the whole world is fallen,” and “the whole world is going to be redeemed.”  And understanding this “affect[s] everything, and especially our work.”

Yet, Keller says, “[o]f all the ways that the Christian faith affects work, the realm of worldview is the most searching and yet also the hardest to put into practice” because in many vocations, there already operates “powerful master narratives that are sharply different from the gospel’s account of things” and they operate “at such deep level that their effects on us are hard to discern.”

I think the challenge is even deeper.

So many of us are, or feel, so busy in our work, or if we are not busy at work, then busy in our pursuit of leisure and pleasure that we don’t even realize that there is a master narrative in the first instance.  We simply and uncritically accept the world’s definition of “success” and pursue it because we never stop to think about whether, and within what kind of worldview, such definition of success makes sense.

Keller encourages this way: “In the long run, the gospel helps us see everything in a new light, but it takes time to grasp and incorporate this new information into how we live and pursue our vocation.”

I only wish I had begun this pursuit of seeing my work in the light of the gospel right out of college!  🙂


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