Luther on Vocation 16

luther on vocationI’m continually amazed at how practical Martin Luther can be sometimes as I read through Luther on Vocation by Gustaf Wingren.  He moves from highly theological and abstract to extremely practical so seamlessly.

For instance, after talking about faith and love in theological and abstract terms, he offers practical words on how a Christian may make a decision relating to his vocation.

He says, sometimes, a Christian needs to consider taking “decisive new steps” that may lead to “complete change of occupation and work.”  These decisions are always “attended by uncertainty and peril, since God’s will is veiled.”  So we must use “sound reason [to] carefully judge the outward situation” while praying to “seek guidance from God.”  In this “double receptivity, toward God and vocation, one becomes certain that a particular thing ought to be done.”

And if our decisions “turn out successfully, it is well.  If they are not successful, it is still well; because it is his will that when, having been called by God, you have entered into state or an order of society, you continue and persevere therein anyway, calling on him.”

So says Martin Luther, the pastor.

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