Work in the Spirit 6

imgresMiroslav Volf finds that developing a Christian theology of work inductively from individual biblical passages is problematic for two reasons in Work in the Spirit.

First, while some Old Testament passages like Genesis 1 and 2 “look more promising at first sight since they include a more comprehensive perspective on work,” they provide us “at best only with some elements of a theology of work.”  Second, these elements are not “useful for a Christian theology of work” since they still need to be interpreted “in light of the revelation of God in Christ.”

So he proposes to move deductively, setting up a “theological framework” first, and then integrating the biblical data into the framework.  The framework he chooses is “the concept of new creation.”  Why this framework?

…at its very core, Christian faith is eschatalogical.  Christian life is life in the Spirit of the new creation or it is not Christian life at all.  And the Spirit of God should determine the whole life, spiritual as well as secular, of a Christian.  Christian work must, therefore, be done under the inspiration of the Spirit and in the light of the coming new creation.

So, there it is, Volf’s proposal, in short.

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