Work in the Spirit 7

imgresA valid theology of work must facilitate the “transformation of work toward ever-greater correspondence with the coming new creation” because “new creation is the end of all God’s purposes with the universe,” says Miroslav Volf in Work in the Spirit.

But, the new creation doesn’t just evolve out of “the action of intrahistorical forces pushing history toward ever-superior states…in linear development from the present order of things.”  While there is going to be “continuity” between now and the new creation to come, God’s future creation will also exhibit “radical newness.”  Appreciating this “frees us from having to press history into a utopian development scheme” and anticipate the new creation with excitement where our work will come into “shalomic” harmony with God, human beings and nonhuman creation.

(I can feel myself having to slow down now as Volf’s idea is getting gradually denser….)

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