Work in the Spirit 14

imgresMiroslav Volf is against tweaking the Lutheran theology of work based on the notion of vocation to make it work given its problems in Work in the Spirit.

For one, he thinks Luther misinterpreted 1 Corinthians 7:20 when Luther took “calling” in that verse to mean a “calling with which, to which, or by which a man is called” rather than “the state in which he is when he is called to become a Christian.”  For another, he thinks if one starts with “the singularity and permanence of vocatio spiritualis,” then one necessarily ends up with “a singular and permanent vocatio externa.”

Instead, he says the New Testament actually has “a carefully chosen term…to denote the multiple callings of every Christian to particular tasks both inside and outside the Christian church.”

What is that word?


Now we are getting somewhere.


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