A Theology of Work 4

imagesWhat doctrines does Jurgen Moltmann appeal to for his understanding of work?

According to Darrel Cosdon in A Theology of Work, the first is the doctrine of creation because “God is a worker” and “human work can and should ‘correspond’ to the creative activity of God.”  

The second is the doctrine of Sabbath because “when human work truly corresponds to God’s, that is when it is actively creative but also seasoned with Sabbath, [and then] it becomes truly meaningful.”

The third is the doctrine of “the work of redemption.”  “The idea is that God is not simply the effortless creator (initial creation) but that he also is engaged in hard and painful work,” the work of redemption.  This work by Jesus, a servant of God, is “wearisome work” according to Isaiah 43:24 and 53.  Thus, “imitation of Christ’s servanthood should be the theological basis for work.”


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