Faith, Work & Failure 1

imgresIn the forward to Every Good Endeavor, Katherine Alsdorf says she wanted “a gospel that had good news even” for failures.  Yet, after reading that book, I didn’t come away with a good handle on how to view my own business failures from the perspective of the gospel.

It turns out, what I was looking for was the penultimate chapter of Me, Myself & Bob by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales.

Here’s a snippet:

[B]eware of dreams, for dreams make dangerous friends.  We all have them — longings for a better life, a healthy child, a happy marriage, rewarding work.  But dreams are, I have come to believe, misplaced longings.  False lovers.  Why?  Because God is enough.  Just God.  And he isn’t “enough” because he can make our dreams come true — no, you’ve got him confused with Santa or Merlin or Oprah.  The God who created the universe is enough for us — even without our dreams.  Without the better life, the healthy child, the happy marriage, the rewarding work.

One more:

If I am a Christian…where I am in five years is none of my business.  Where I am in twenty years is none of my business.  Where I am tomorrow is none of my business.  …   No “BHAGs,” no inspiring PowerPoint vision statements.  Just a group of people on their knees, trusting God for guidance each day.  Holding everything loosely but God himself.

Just one more:

I didn’t need to have any impact at all.  Whatever needs I had were being met by the Scripture I was reading and by the life of prayer I was developing.  My passion was shifting from impact to God.


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