A Theology of Work 8

imagesBorrowing from Jurgen Moltmann, Darrell Cosden says “human rule as a concept necessarily implies some sort of active project; that is, it includes purposeful working” in A Theology of Work.  This means, “to be in God’s image through Christ include…work.”  In other words, “work is not simply an instrumental activity associated with survival or even spiritual progress.”  It is “a fundamental condition of human created existence.  It is ontological.

Furthermore, in the new creation, human purpose, while “transformed and freed from sin, mortality, suffering and grief,” will “still be the same human purpose that we currently experience.”  Therefore, “the ontology of work is not a limited ontology in the sense that it is only an ontological reality in the present creation.”  “Rather, the ontology of work is ontological because it is also a fundamental condition of being human in the new creation” (emphasis mine).


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