How Then Should We Work? 1

imagesIn How Then Should We Work?, Hugh Whelchel quotes Richard Pratt’s “down-to-earth description of how the Cultural Mandate works” as follows:

The Great King has summoned each of us into his throne room.  Take this portion of my kingdom, he says, I am making you my steward over your office, your workbench, your kitchen stove.  Put your heart into mastering this part of my world.  Get it in order; unearth its treasures; do all you can with it.  Then everyone will see what a glorious King I am.  That’s why we get up every morning and go to work.  We don’t labor simply to survive, insects do that.  Our work is an honor, a privileged commission from our great King.  God has given each of us a portion of his kingdom to explore and to develop to its fullness.

Viewing work as stewardship over a portion of God’s kingdom helps one make the connection between the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate.  Namely, the goal of the Great Commission isn’t just the salvation of people; it is the salvation of people so that they can fulfill the Cultural Mandate as was originally envisioned.  All to the glory of God, of course!